Keeping track of valuable assets

Fenn Logistics is a business that believes all of its assets, human as well as capital, are crucial to the well-being of the company and its customers.  Sometime ago the company began a relationship with ‘Competitive Tracking’ (‘CT’), initially to enable vehicle and trailer tracking – essential to ensure customers get what they want, when they want it.  But it had the added benefit of enabling the management to ensure that all of its front-line drivers were in place and operating safely wherever they are.

CT is run by Tim Birkinshaw and offers online vehicle tracking combined with onboard cameras and a full suite of telematics functions available on laptop/pc or mobile devices.

Based in Stafford, Staffordshire CT has worked with Fenn Logistics for a number of years and the relationship is almost symbiotic. Fenn Logistics wanted a suite that enabled tracking/telematic solutions for almost anything, however remote.


Although the key for Fenn Logistics is to improve control, managing and enhancing their operation whilst reducing their costs, and securing profit margins to enable the business to continue to offer its customers the very best services.

But it is crucial that we are able to meet the duty of care regulations, whilst benefiting our employees and controlling expensive assets. In fact, through our relationship with CT, we can remotely monitor and control almost anything using their intuitive hardware and online ‘EasyTrack’ software reporting.

Gary Major, Fenn Logistics MD commented; “In the years that we have worked together  with Tim and CT we have formed what we believe is a real partnership for now and into the future.”

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