A New Identity

To all our Customers, Suppliers and Employees

Change is inevitable and it comes to all of us and, from 1st February 2020, RG Fenn Limited is changing its ‘trading name’ to Fenn Logistics Limited but it is not just a change for change sake.  We believe it reflects what we do, rather than what we did. The Legal entity, Company Registration Number, VAT number and the Directors of the Company will all remain the same.

We believe is a more appropriate’ brand’ name for the long-term.

I, our management and all of our drivers are committed to being a true logistics business and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Kind regards,

Gary Major, Managing Director, Fenn Logistics Limited


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1 Response to A New Identity

  1. Michael says:

    Could you please ask your drivers not to park on the pavement of the lay-bye just south of Kegworth on the A6 as per the evening of the 26th.. It is anti-social and I believe illegal.


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