About our Customers:

Fenn Logistics has customer base with a relationship that spans a quarter of century with one of the largest Coffee and Confectionery manufacturer’s as it’s key customer. This is also supported by some of the largest UK third-party businesses for whom we operate as dedicated sub-contractor, and its customers which include some of the best known brands in the food manufacturing and foodservice sectors – some of whom have been customers for as long as the business has been incorporated.

Our customer base includes many household brands from food manufacturing, retail, food services as well as some of the best known logistics business in the UK. Our services reflect our commitment to the highest possible standards of service and the business’s reputation for flexibility and a ‘will do’ attitude has underpinned our relationships with our customers.

 Being a true partner in business is the route to success! This is at the core of the company’s philosophy and through it is able to provide national distribution coverage of the highest standards through a single contact point – effectively a focal point for all customers and through which they deliver many services – click on the link yo see the range.

It isn’t what you say about yourselves that matters …

Food Manufacture:

“Having our products into the supply chain when we want them means that we need logistics contractors who can deliver what we want, where we want it and when it is required. We have an unique relationship with RG Fenn whereby they provide the tools (vehicles, drivers and trailer capacity) and we are able to plan our logistics to suit OUR business. The arrangement is very flexible and suits our business – quite simply it works!”

Operations Director Major UK Confectionery business.


“More often than not the seasonal and demand patterns of our business are highly volatile and our customers depend on us to smooth out the ‘bumps in the supply chain’, this is where RGF comes in – they are able to provide us with very flexible sub-contract resources to supplement our own, meaning that we can maintain costs and services at the optimum levels to meet our customers’ needs. We wouldn’t use them if they didn’t deliver and the fact that we have been partners for 10 years or more is testament that they can and do deliver.”

Resources Manager – 123 3PL ltd

Nestle Logistics:

“Our business is based on being agile and fast moving enough to reach to sudden changes in volumes to meet the needs of our customers. With a multi business supply chain solution for all Nestle brands. For some 25 years now, we have found that RG Fenn has always been able to recognise our needs and then deliver it effectively at costs that are agreed up front.”

Phil Wakefield, NIM Transport Contract – Nestle Head UK Head Office